why we’re the right choice?

doing IT differently, doing it better

As a new IT company, bluespires maybe small, but as the sayings go we are perfectly formed and good things come in small packages!

Because we are new we do things a little differently and better, which means we put our clients first in everything we do, right from the start. We are very flexible, finding the right solution for each client at the right price. We are not bound by particular vendors or set support contracts, we simply work with each client to understand what they are trying to achieve and then tailor a solution to meet their needs and not ours!

friendly people, smarter working

Working with bluespires brings the advantage of dealing with the business owners, high level, knowledgeable professionals who have a real commitment to delivering first class service. People who have real world experience of delivering IT solutions that can drive businesses forward. Friendly people who enjoy what they do and go about their day with a smile.

Of course we won’t always be small, so whoever joins us will have the same passion and vision as we do, they will always be friendly and of course technically they will be extremely competent, understanding how IT enables business to work smarter, not just technology for technology sake.

We are passionate about IT but more importantly we are passionate about working with people and their business and helping to ensure IT works for them in the way they want it to. We enjoy the challenge.

partnering for success

Imagine working with an IT partner who works hard to understand what you are trying to achieve, a partner that discusses with you how your business needs to use IT, a partner who proposes solutions that can change the way you do business and one who understands what your budget is. A partner that is forward thinking and results orientated.

Also imagine a partner that works tirelessly in the background to ensure your IT functions at its optimum, one that wants to talk to you, wants to help, not with complicated jargon, but simple and effective advice and guidance. A partner that is friendly and who enjoys communicating with all your staff, that comes to work with a smile and is ready to deliver you the type of service you deliver to your clients.

That’s bluespires. If you would like to know more, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


Welcome to bluespires. We believe that we understand how IT enables businesses to work smarter, and our aim is to help you get the most from your business in a simple and effective way. Have questions? Want to give feedback? We would love to hear from you.

who we are

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, we believe passionately in customer service and finding the right solutions for each client.

what we do

We provide solutions for business needs; from IT support for the whole company, backup support for IT teams or implementing IT ideas that drive your business forward.

who uses us

With 5 to 500 users, from market traders to law firms. We work hard to understand the individual needs of each client and are confident we can help you and your business.