how we try to be good to everyone

what does being good to everyone mean?

It may sound a little clichéd, but we set up in business to try and do things a little differently from most of the other companies. We decided that whatever we did we would make sure that everyone who was involved, our clients, our staff, our community, ourselves and the environment would all benefit from what we did.

good to our clients

Being good at what we do, delivering first class support, being forward thinking, pro-active and making sure IT makes your business work better is a start. Being good also means that we will do the right thing, make the right decisions, based on your needs and not ours and that we will be honest, trustworthy and transparent. All the things you would expect from a good partner, but we do it with a smile, we’re very friendly, we’re normal, we speak plainly and really will make sure your IT works as hard as you do.

good to our team

Every person who joins bluespires will receive a profit share on how the company does in the form of the company profit share scheme. This means that it is not just words, but for every pound we make a percentage goes into the pool and is shared amongst the team. This provides every member of staff at bluespires a share in the success of the company and a little bit of ownership.

good to our community

We have committed to donating a minimum of 10% of all profits to local charities. Money goes some way to helping but also time and expertise help, that is why for any charity that we work with, not only do we provide charity discount, but we will double any onsite time purchased through one of our contracts at no additional charge.

Of course, our community is not just charity, that’s why we actively encourage all of our team to get involved in local organisations such as the local rotary group, the local school or anything else where they can add value and give something back to the community. We provide any member of the team who wishes to do this with additional holiday to ensure they get enough time to really make a difference.

good to the (our) environment

By no means are we experts on the environment, but like most people we have read and understood that we must try harder to live as sustainably as possible. Bluespires strives to ensure that everything we do we do with minimum impact on the environment. Furthermore, we will be constantly reviewing what and how we do things and will ensure we put time and effort in to improving what we do.

good to ourselves

We of course need to be good to ourselves as well and ultimately we did start up in business to make some money for ourselves and families as well. We don’t hide this fact, we are open and honest, but coupled with everything else we do we think this is ok.


Welcome to bluespires. We believe that we understand how IT enables businesses to work smarter, and our aim is to help you get the most from your business in a simple and effective way. Have questions? Want to give feedback? We would love to hear from you.

who we are

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, we believe passionately in customer service and finding the right solutions for each client.

what we do

We provide solutions for business needs; from IT support for the whole company, backup support for IT teams or implementing IT ideas that drive your business forward.

who uses us

With 5 to 500 users, from market traders to law firms. We work hard to understand the individual needs of each client and are confident we can help you and your business.